Exciting Changes Are Coming to Cup of Joy!

If you’ve been following along, you might have noticed a few shifts in our Cup of Joy rhythm lately. Life’s constant dance of change has never failed to present us with new challenges to conquer and new heights to reach.

First things first, Let’s Say Goodbye (for now) to Laine!
Laine, Joy Society

Recently she gracefully transitioned into a new season of her life and while we wish her the ABSOLUTE BEST, we’ve been missing our co-host Laine, and we know many of you have too.

Her support behind the scenes has been the true magic propelling us through a remarkable 63 episodes. Her unique perspectives, stemming from the beautiful tapestry of our age and lifestyle differences, have added an invaluable layer to not just Cup of Joy but all of Joy Society. Laine, we appreciate you more than words can express and we look forward to booking you as a guest in the future!

The Path Ahead…

Now, let’s talk about the path we’re forging ahead. The winds of change are blowing, and let me assure you, they’re carrying with them nothing but excitement and positivity. Fear not, for Cup of Joy is here to stay, and will continue to grace your screens and earbuds. We’ve been listening closely to your feedback, your stories of learning, and the inspiration you’ve gained from our conversations. This connection we share is far too precious to sever.

Our mission remains unwavering—to guide you through the intricate intersections of your success spheres. We’re here to remind you that you’re not just your career or your role at home. You’re a beautifully complex being, and each facet of your life is intertwined, guiding you toward holistic growth.

Rest assured, the authenticity you’ve come to expect will remain intact. Our chats will still be candid, thought-provoking, and uplifting. You’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, and most importantly, you’ll be encouraged to embrace the journey toward your best self.

The Anticipated Changes

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. The format of Cup of Joy is evolving to match the pace of modern life. Expect a shorter, punchier version of our conversations, lasting around three to five minutes. In today’s whirlwind world, we understand the importance of offering content that can be savored even amidst packed schedules and busy routines.

While our current goal is to continue with weekly episodes, although we will confess— Dr. Joy dreams of a day when we can serve you a daily dose of joy. The thought of bringing you daily inspiration, motivation, and a dash of joy is incredibly enticing. And who knows? With the winds of change on our side, this dream of hers might just become a reality sooner than we think.

And here’s the cherry on top: Cup of Joy is expanding its reach across various social media platforms. Our shorter format means we can engage with you in more places than ever before. If you’re a fan of Instagram or other platforms, get ready to experience the joy there too.

Want a sneak peak at what’s to come?

We’ve been cooking up some exciting surprises that promise to revolutionize your journey to success. While we can’t spill all the details just yet, trust us when we say they’re monumental. These surprises are tailored to empower you, helping you conquer every facet of life and triumph over your goals.

Dr. Joy breaks it down in our most recent Cup of Joy! Catch the full video including a heartfelt look back at the 63 episodes to date on our Linkedin page or in the Joy Society Community.

Stay tuned for more!

In conclusion, dear friends, our cup of joy runneth over, and we invite you to continue this incredible journey with us. Stay tuned for the forthcoming exhilarating updates that will undoubtedly transform the way you approach life’s challenges and victories.

As we eagerly anticipate what’s to come, take a moment to savor this reflection on the Cup of Joy journey thus far. Until we meet again, keep shining and spreading joy. Take care, everyone!

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