The Impact of Growth on Friendship

When personal or professional growth pushes us to redefine our friendships.

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Life has a way of redefining our friendships for us. As we experience growth in our career, or invest in family relationships or our emotional well-being, our friendships naturally change.

But what happens if we choose to intentionally redefine our friendships in the midst of our personal and professional growth?

Prioritizing friendships in the midst of a busy life can be difficult, especially when work and family demands can feel urgent. But strong and healthy social connections are a key factor in living a fulfilled life. In fact, strong friendships are a protective factor against all kinds of serious health issues, and strong social connections can even increase life expectancy.

We inherently know that being with a good friend feels good. But friends can actually increase your sense of belonging and purpose, boost your happiness, reduce your stress, improve your self-confidence, help you cope with traumatic experiences, and encourage positive lifestyle changes.

Check out this clip from from an episode of Cup of Joy, where Dr. Joy shares how career success affects friendship, and Laine shares how personal growth has necessitated redefining the most important friendships in her life.

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