Are We Ready For the Conversation About Sex & Health?

Long-held taboos have kept women from talking about, understanding, and pursuing a higher level of sexual well-being.

sex and health for women

It’s 2023 and it’s still taboo to discuss female sexual pleasure. Many of us are not aware of the importance of pleasure to our physical well-being, or even think that we do not deserve to experience it.

In media, pop culture, and even formal education, female sexuality and pleasure is ignored, criticized, and shamed. Many women, for this reason, are never given the opportunity to explore and experience true sexual well-being.

Now before you close this tab and tell yourself sexual well-being just isn’t for you, let’s explore the connection between sexual well-being and something we are much more comfortable talking about: physical health.

Sex Is Good For You In More Ways Than You Think

Sexual health does not exist in its own separate room, away from the rest of our lives. It is deeply connected with our emotions, our relationships, and therefore even our professional well-being. Sexual pleasure is also scientifically proven to be beneficial for our physical health. Unlike the taboo world of female sexual pleasure, it’s much easier for us to have conversations about our physical health and to prioritize improving physical well-being.

Beyond just feeling good, frequent sexual pleasure is linked to a host of health benefits, including lowering our risk for cardiovascular disease and boosting our immunity. Experiencing orgasms can help regulate the menstrual cycle, improve fertility, and fully activate the brain.

Bringing awareness to the connection between pleasure and health can help break down some of the barriers facing women in honoring their experience of pleasure as essential to their overall well-being.

Honoring Our Whole Selves

The lack of information out there about female sexual health, and the stigma around female pleasure, keeps us stuck in the same cycle of putting others’ pleasure above our own. If we want to experience better emotional well-being, healthier relationships, and success in all areas of life, we need to be able to take ownership of our sexual health and pleasure.

It is time for us to begin honoring ourselves as sensual beings, and embrace the power of pleasure to deepen our experience of life. Give yourself permission to do the things that feel good and know that your experience of pleasure throughout your life is important and deserving of respect — from yourself, and those around you, including healthcare providers. Explore sensations beyond your routine, invest in self-pleasure, and communicate with partners.

As we move closer to personal and professional well-being, opening the door to conversations about sexual health and pleasure are essential.

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