Wait…Oscar Winners are Human Too?

We’ve all seen the Will Smith/Chris Rock video by now, or at least heard about it. And you may have strong (and valid) feelings about what happened. 

We’re not here to tell you who was right and who was wrong. Hop onto Facebook if that’s what you’re looking for.

This isn’t social media. We’re here to point out that yes, even the most successful and accomplished among us are human too. We can hold Will Smith accountable while still approaching him with grace. We can acknowledge his humanity without defending his actions.

If Oscar winners can have moments like this in front of millions of viewers, then surely each of us have had our fair share of (hopefully less violent) missteps. 

Perhaps you’re not being watched on the TV screens of people all over the world. But as a professional, you are most likely scrutinized constantly by those around you — your boss, your coworkers, those you lead and supervise. 

How much room do you have to be human within your role at work? Are you hesitant to be your authentic self due to the fear of scrutiny, or not seeming “professional” enough? 

We all feel anxiety sometimes. We all feel down, angry, ashamed. And these feelings can show up in our professional lives because we don’t stop being human, even at work. The words “mental health” don’t just apply to severe crises or breakdowns. Mental health shows up every day, for all of us. 

Elizabeth Joy, founder & CEO of Joy Society, shares her thoughts on the topic:

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