Your Workplace Performance and Your physical Health are linked

physical health

It might seem obvious that regular physical exercise can improve performance in other areas of our lives. Yet, how many of us truly make time for our physical well-being in the same way we make time for our careers?

If you’re here in Joy Society, you likely care about improving your workplace performance and reaching higher levels of professional success. There are plenty of times when late nights at the office, early mornings, and days spent eating quick snacks and drinking too much coffee are absolutely necessary to get to where you want to be. But ignoring your physical well-being only gets you so far.

According to a recent article published by CEO magazine, the link between physical exercise and workplace performance is real. Studies show that physical activity improves concentration, aids memory, speeds up learning, and lowers stress levels, all contributing factors to higher performance in the workplace.

“While many of us are busy and find prioritizing physical activity hard – in the long run – it actually saves us time by ensuring we’re more productive overall.”

That breakfast sandwich and large coffee you grabbed on the way to work might give you just enough energy to get through your morning meetings. But how do you feel in the afternoon? How do you feel once you get home from work? Do you still have energy to spend time doing the things you love?

Embracing physical health as the precursor to productivity not only changes how we work, it changes how we live.

Being active doesn’t mean you have to start training for the next marathon. Sometimes, it means going for a walk while taking a phone call. Eating healthier doesn’t have to mean changing your entire diet and lifestyle. It might mean choosing one more day every week to pack your lunch, or waking up a little earlier so you have time to make breakfast. 

What’s stopping you from adding more physical exercise into your life?

What stands in the way of you prioritizing your physical wellness?

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